Public proxy server

What is Public proxy server

Public proxy server can be used by public for free. The server has no authentication protect, could be accessed by anyone in any place.Any IT administrator who sets up Proxy Servers for their own use don't want to make them freely available, because the public access may cause their own security risk. The public porxy almost become overrun in a short time, as so many people are looking for free Proxy Servers.



1. Free

The major advantage of public proxy server is free. You don't need to pay for the owner and can enjoy the service.

2. All around the world

Every day, there are public proxy servers all around the world. You could find them in US, UK, China, Japan..., nearly every country. This feature is useful for some special aim like SEO.

If you need IP address from many counties, the public proxy server is more suitable for you than private one, because you could not buy so many counties' proxy servers.



1. Slow connection

As mentioned above, so many people are looking for the free proxy servers. Every public proxy servers is accessed by many visitors, so the speed is slow in most cases

2.Short life time

Most public proxy servers could only work for a few hours.If you find a working proxy server,  it almost certainly wouldn’t be working the next time you came back. The reason is very clear, "There is no real free in the world".

Finally the proxy server either completely crash due to overrun. Or the owner becomes aware their machine has been setup for free wrongly and the machine is fixed, and/or they install a firewall etc. Anyway, this “free Public Proxy Server” is dead.


Where to find public proxy servers

Due to  the "short life" of public proxy,  if you want to use them, you need to find them nearly every day.

For this requirement, the website provides daily updated new proxy list and online proxy checker.  You could find working proxies in it which have country, anonymous type, speed etc, and test them online.


"One Click" solution for public proxy servers

It is really a boring task to find proxy and test one by one. It's even frustrated when you find most of proxies are dead.

Why not try the "One Click" solution of Quick Hide IP? With the software, you could get following benefit:

1. Don't need to search the endless proxies, Quick Hide IP will provide you new proxy list directly.

2. Dont need to test proxy one by one manually, Quick Hide IP can test all proxies in list by "One Click".

3. Don't need to change proxy in IE/Firefox/Chrome manually every time, you can do this in Quick Hide iP by "One Click".

You can select your favorite country's proxy, select proxy anonymous type, auto switch proxy every "X" minutes, and more...

Try Quick Hide IP for free!


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