SocksCap enable application for socks proxy

 This  guide is about how to use socks proxy in the application which doesn't support socks proxy server directly. It needs 2 softwares:


A firewall traversal application which transparently "socksifies" Windows-based TCP/IP applications, enabling them to operate behind proxy servers, even if the application does not support proxy connections. SocksCap intercepts calls from Winsock applications to the Windows Socket (WinSock) stack and converts them to calls that support SOCKS protocols.

Quick Socks 

A software which gets fresh socks proxy for you all the time. It can provide you various location's socks proxy list just by a click.It could test socks proxy speed, uptime, save your time to search for working socks proxy.More detailed info can be found in this link.


The following part of the guide is  step by step for apply socks proxy.

1. Download and install  SocksCap and Quick Socks software.

2. Open Quick Socks, Click "Get Proxy" button to get proxy list. The software will get and test proxy automatically in 1 minute.Now you have a working socks proxy list as below screenshot.

Socks proxy list

3. Open SocksCap software,  Click "File"->"Setting..." menu item.

     In SocksCap setting dialog, you could set the socks proxy IP address/port. The proxy IP/port could be gotten from above Quick Socks software proxy list. After filling info, the SocksCap setting dialog is as following:

SocksCap setting

4. Drag any application to SocksCap application.

     For example, we can drag Google Chrome browser to the SocksCap window.
     The result is:
SocksCap main window
5. The last step is to double click the application in SocksCap.

In above example, you can double click Google Chrome browser,  the browser will be launched.

All the browser's traffic will go through the socks proxy server you set.


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