Socks proxy server

 What is Socks proxy?

Socks proxy is based on Socks protocol.Various protocols can easily access socks proxy and usually don’t get any kind of problem in performing there task. If you will really define socks proxy in simple words,  it will simply called gate way to transfer data and while the data passes through its totally secure from any kind of interference of socks proxy other than a gateway. Socks doesn't requires the application program to follow specific operating system platform, Socks agent and the application layer agent, HTTP layer agent is different, the Socks proxy just simply passes on data packets, without having to concern is what application protocol (for example FTP, HTTP and NNTP request). So, the Socks proxy than other application layer agents must be faster. It usually tied to the proxy server 1080 port.


When could I use socks proxy?

While a standard HTTP proxy is great for viewing web pages, SOCKS proxies are geared towards other software clients like email, instant messaging and even Internet telephony, adding an extra layer of security and anonymity to each.

In the actual application, SOCKS proxy can be used in email client, MSN, ICQ, Skype, online game application software and so on.


How to set socks proxy?

In order to use socks, you need to know  below:

(1) the SOCKS server's IP address

(2) the SOCKS port

(3) the SOCKS proxy server needs user authentication? If yes, you need to now the username and password


You can find the socks proxy setting in MSN, ICQ or some other application. In their preference dialog, there should be "Network Connection" setting item. Just input the socks proxy IP, port and credential there.


Where to find socks proxy?

It is not a easy task to find socks proxy, especially the working ones. There are quite limited resource every day. Even you find a working one, it is very possible that it will be dead soon.


Quick Socks is the software that is designed to resolve such case. It can find and test fresh socks proxy every day. Actually, users don't need to do any "find" action, the software can get working socks proxies from remote database directly. The socks info includes country, IP address, port, uptime and speed. The user can only apply the socks proxy by "One Click".

Get the chance to free try Quick Socks for 7 days!

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