Set proxy in browser with software to save your time


What a boring task to set proxy without a tool!

In this unsecure network world, more than half website will track your behavior. Many people understand they need proxy server's power to protect their privacy. 

However,they don't find the efficient way to do this. Most of them do this job manually as below.
1. They would go to some free proxy list site like to get some proxies.

Although the proxies are annouced "working", but no one could gurantee it is ALIVE NOW!.Because these websites just test the proxies a few hours ago, maybe a few days ago.It is very possible that the working proxy a few hours ago has been offline now.


2. After getting proxy, they can set it to browser manually. 

This is a guide about setting proxy in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Google Chrome's setting is the same as Internet Explorer.
3. Then, they can test the effect in browser.
If they are lucky, the proxy could work. But it is fairly possible it doesn't.
Even it works, it could be dead a few minutes later because so many people are using the "free" proxy. 
4. If the proxy is dead, they need to repeat from step 1, try again and again.
A very tedious task, right? You need more clever solution.
Yes, there must be some more efficient way to speed up this. From IT engineer point of view, any time consuming manual task should be replaced by automation software, because people's valuable time should be used for more innovative task, or just enjoying themselves ^_^
Our Quick Hide IP team provides 2 softwares for this task to save your time.
 1. Quick Hide IP
With this software, you can get real working proxy by just "One Click".
After one Click, the software will get the proxy list, do automatic testing quickly, then present you a real live proxy list.
They are just tested in your computer, so they are 100% working.
Then you can select any proxy, the software could set it to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome for you. 
Compared with above manual work, you can imagine how much time it can save for you.
For more detail, pls refer to
2. Quick Hide IP Platinum
Quick Hide IP could work for you, but do you need better proxy service with following features?
a.High speed private proxy. 
b. 100% guranteed uptime.
c. HTTPS support. 
Yes, Quick Hide IP Platinum could provide such amazing features. And It has all feature of Quick Hide IP too. More info about it could be found at



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