Visit the forum when you are banned

    You'll find to be banned sometimes on sites like chatroom or on specific forums, etc. Sometimes maybe wasn’t even your fault you got banned with a chatroom. Webmasters will ban users by IP when they think this IP's visitor does harm to the website/forum, for example, spam. Sometimes, they will ban user only for they don't like this user's posting style. It is a protection for the forum and chatroom, however, this is unfair for some visitors. YOU could be BANNED for you come from the same IP as the banned visitor.

    This case is worse when you are in company and school. Because in such organization, there is only one IP address for all employee and students. So if one guy posts some bad comment, all company or school network will be banned. Altering your IP address location with one from region will give you the opportunity to revisit the Internet site that you were banned from, and to post again on forums or chat within the desired chat room.

    By software Quick Hide IP Platinum, you could select tens of IP addresses from USA, UK and German. When you find you are banned from some website, you could open the software and click one button to switch to a fake IP. Then you could visit the website again. So this is a very easy solution for the ban issue, even you are banned by webmaster for your own reason(spam, nasty post), you can visit the site again which bans you immediately.  This will astonish the webmaster for sure. Cool ^_^.



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