Elite proxy is the best solution for your privacy

  People rely more and more on internet nowadays. 10 years ago, we just surf websites, check mail, read some news. But now, we cannot do anything without internet!  We input more and more confidential info to website, but do you believe the website? What will happen if they are monitoring? Or your organiazation is monitoring?

   Some guys know they should use proxy to hide their IP address. And they know they must select the "Anonymous" proxy. But many people don't know even anonymous proxy could reveal you IP address!! Because there are 2 kinds of anonymous proxy servers: anonymous proxy and elite(high anonymous)proxy.

1. Anonymous proxy will reveal you IP address

In common cases, the website will check you IP address by HTTP_CLIENT_IP. Anonymous proxy could change this info to a fake one. However, they will reveal you IP address in some other HTTP field like HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR or HTTP_VIA.

So, if you use this kind of anonymous proxy, even you find your IP address is a fake one in Google map like www.dailyproxylists.com, you are not really safe. The website you visit could find your IP address from other field mentioned above.

2. Elite proxy is best way to hide yourself

 Elite proxy is different. It could hide all your infomation. Your IP address could not be found in any field like HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR . The website you visit could not know where you come from. You are safe to do anything you want in this unsecure internet world.


Quick Hide IP and Quick Hide IP Platinum are designed to provide online privacy for customers. Both support elite proxy. Although you could only not enjoy the elite proxy service in trial version(only anonymous proxy in trial version), elite proxy will be available in the registered version.


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