Vote / rate many times by proxy server


   Do you have requirement to vote/rate/comment multiple times for a product in some website? The answer will be "YES" if you make life by e-commerce. 

Every e-commerce seller wants to promote product. Maybe it is in ebay or amazon or some other smaller sites.  No matter where it is, the better comments/rating it has, the more transaction you will have. In most cases, customers don’t believe the product description, but they really believe the product comments/rating result from other buyers.

So it is good idea to add positive comments and good rating to your product. Yes, it will be good if you can rate many times yourself. Unfortunately, most e-commerce sites block such behaviour. They only allow you to comment/rate one time for your product. Even you change username, they can identify you by your IP address. To avoid to be blocked, you have 2 choices generally.

1. Hire others to comment/rate for you.

You can outsource such jobs to others in or, etc. The guys come from different countries, they can vote/rate/comment for you. But it is not a cheap choice.

2. Do the multiple comment/vote/rate by proxy.

Proxy server can hide your IP address to avoid to be blocked. The e-commerce site cannot know that you are the same person. You can rate our product one time, and then change IP by proxy and rate again…. The software Quick Hide IP Platinum can give you USA/UK/German Ips and provide very easy way to swing your Ips. Start FREE trial here!





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